16. April, 2021
Peteris Vasks' 75th Anniversary Concert "Presence"
Time: 19:00
Venue: Live from concert hall “Cesis”

Recording available on: LTV.LSM.LV

On Friday, April 16, on the birthday of composer Peteris Vasks, a live concert dedicated to his 75th anniversary “Presence” will be offered live from the Concert Hall “Cesis”.

The multi-layered program of Peteris Vasks’ anniversary concert has been created by conductors Andris Poga and Maris Sirmais in close cooperation with the composer himself. All the edges of Vasks work will shine in it.

The concert program “Presence” will be like a spiritual experience, a way to fulfilment, to a possible ideal world – from silent reflection and natural beauty in the composition “Plainscapes” to confirmation of light in the choral work “Mother Sun”, through the “Vox Amoris” to the symphony orchestra opus “Lauda” and culminating in the quadruple fort “Laudate Dominum”.

The drama of the program will resonate with the composer’s conviction not to allow the severity of suffering, but to endure and not give up; strive upward and draw strength in faith. Peteris Vasks’ music always gives a sense of presence, it surrounds and is close to the listener. Nothing is distant and foreign in his compositions, there is so much humanity in them.

Photo: Edgars Grosevs